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Are battery sellers pulling the wool over our eyes? Probe shares tips to put you in the driver’s seat

“I don’t trust these battery sales companies.  I bought a maintenance-free battery only find that it is dry after some time. They pull the wool over our eyes and don’t sell what they advertise!”  

Does this sound like you?  This is often the sentiment of dissatisfied customers, made all the worse should a dry battery occur just as the summer holidays are about to kick off. 

Barnabas Gwarisa, head of environmental and quality control at Probe, South Africa's largest importer of automotive batteries with fifty years of experience in distributing and providing aftermarket support for many international brands, shares some important information that will help customers understand what can cause a dry battery.


New compressors from Probe keep mining industry safe and cool under pressure

Mining is a tough environment, combining harsh physical conditions, long operational hours and cost pressures.  Evolving compressed air technologies are increasingly playing a vital role in mining processes including exploration, extraction and treatment.  Air compressors additionally provide a flexible and safe power source for powering drilling and piling machinery, pneumatic tools, material conveyors, and ventilation systems.


The ins and outs of battery warranty claims and policy claims

"I don’t believe it; they refuse to give me a warranty replacement for my dead battery but instead tell me they are giving me a policy claim. I don't even know what a policy claim is!”

Many customers do not understand what the difference between a warranty claim and a policy claim is, which can lead to confusion and frustration, both for the customer and the sales consultant.


Giving opportunities and hope to the Deaf community

At Probe Corporation, we engage in the transformation of South Africa at every possible opportunity presented to us. One of our major initiatives is the training and development of our own employees and that of unemployed learners. But we are intent on taking this one step further:  the reality is that beyond our own employees are millions of others who don’t have opportunities to grow their skills and empower themselves economically.  This is especially true for disabled youth and adults.