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Innovative management inventory systems a win-win for Probe and our customers

It’s not quite Artificial Intelligence, but Probe has taken a big step in making use of information technology in the management of inventory.

In partnership with a specialised service provider, Probe has invested in a sophisticated inventory management system that puts replenishment and optimisation of stock into real time visibility.  The system has already been implemented and is “live”.


Developing an ‘upskilled’ and motivated workforce

At Probe, we have a distinctive corporate culture that encourages developing our employees and the local community. We have clear ideas for our customers and suppliers that result in close, long-term relationships.

We see training as an investment in our business and our people, because an ‘upskilled’ workforce is more productive and motivated to enhance their performance in the workplace.


LEDs shed new light on farming productivity

The variety, flexibility and efficiency of LED lighting is unmatched, offering unprecedented opportunities to increase productivity in farming applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional incandescent and HID lighting. LEDs are also friendlier to the environment, an important consideration for farmers, as they don’t use glass bulbs, pressurised gases, toxic chemicals or burning filaments, instead emitting light by flowing electrical energy through a semiconductor.


From industrial site (workhorses) to running roller coasters – the benefits of compressed air

Compressed air is a vital utility used in countless ways to benefit everyday life. While those in manufacturing and industrial plants recognize the ‘plant workhorses’ importance as a source of process and instrument air, most people associate compressors with the small compressor in their garage used to inflate tires. They do not realize that compressed air is the energy of choice to power a great variety of applications.  Probe’s Petrus Pretorius explains.



Probe has been exhibiting our products at the Hartebeesloop Bonsmaras Information Day which is held in the lead-up to today's show-stopping cattle auction, a highlight on Namibia's farming and agricultural calendar.