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Avanty – your energy station and air compressor on-the-go

Whether you’re after an epic road trip to far-flung corners of South Africa or adventuring closer to home, there is an ideal companion to keep in your boot that will ensure your holiday stays awesome. Probe, South Africa’s leading importer and distributor of premium batteries, rotating electrics and air products, has recently added the impressive Avanty to their product line up. 

The Avanty energy station is a compact, multifunctional  portable energy system that can act as a back-up power source to light up your campsite, a battery charger to jump-start a car or caravan, and an on-board air compressor with capabilities powerful enough to inflate a rubber dinghy. 


Stop-start technology – make sure your battery keeps up

Within the next few years, almost all newly-manufactured cars (90%) will have built-in functionality that can contribute to a cleaner environment.  Stop-start technology reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions by reducing the amount of time the engine spends idling, especially when sitting in gridlocked traffic.  And idling is a huge waste of petrol (and money).  In the United States alone, idling can waste as much as 3.9 billion gallons of petrol.  Gains from the stop-start technology can be anywhere from 3 to 10 percent, potentially as high as 12 percent; the longer you sit, the more you gain.

Most of the newer car models driving on South Africa’s roads today include stop-start technology, which it’s however important for drivers of cars equipped with this functionality to use the correct type of battery in order to avoid battery failure, says expert Rick Rovelli of Probe, SA’s leading importer of batteries.