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Probe to showcase air, power and energy solutions at the Africa Energy Indaba

Are you prepared for loadshedding and massive tariff increases? South Africa will see a major rise in electricity pricing after the recent judgment in the Gauteng High Court provided for Eskom to increase their revenue by R10 billion. Additionally, Eskom can increase their tariffs by nearly 16%. What can you do about this and what are the solutions for your business?


Calculating your back-up energy needs

Which plug-and-play inverter should I buy for back-up power? 

While it can be challenging to calculate your energy needs, Probe’s handy energy needs calculator for Plug-and-Play inverters can help. Your Total Load (wattage) with an additional 10% for efficiency losses will give you the True Load. Multiply this by the hours required to give you an idea of the wattage you need to cover.


Ten ways to show your car some love this February

February is the month of love, and our trusty wheels could also do with some tender loving care to make sure we have long, happy relationships. Here are some tips from battery experts Probe to keep things sweet.