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Probe’s industrial starter repair kit meets customer needs

An important factor in providing the complete power package isn’t necessarily auto-electric - it’s you, our customer.  You spoke and we listened in the compilation of our industrial starter motor repair kit.

Probe took the suggestions that have been shared by our customers over time and together with our own expertise, we’ve gathered the most important equipment that is needed to provide the complete industrial starter motor repair kit.


The Boy from Mooi Street

Uncle Hong has an instinct when something ‘isn’t right’. Just ask Probe’s staff who have been known to roll their eyes when they see him walking towards them with purpose, papers in hand.  Despite the rolling of eyes, the staff has to admit one thing:  in the 47 years that he’s been at Probe, of which a large chunk has been working in the credit department, uncle Hong is most often right.

Of course, uncle Hong wasn’t always uncle and he wasn’t always right.   In fact, Hong could be wrong.  To be fair not really wrong, but a little bit of an adventurous boy.  Just ask anyone who knew him in his Mooi Street days, when he had long hair, drove a ’67 Valiant and wore platforms and bell bottoms with a pack of Texan plain in his back pocket.