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Probe Corporation Training and Development Programme

Probe Corporation has an extensive employee training programme to assist our employees in learning specific job-related skills and improving performance in their current roles. Training is aimed at all levels of our employees, from senior management to entry-level employees, and there is also a focus on training women employees. Probe Corporation’s training initiatives are in line with South Africa’s current transformation policies and legislative framework, the Skills Development Act, which requires a percentage of employee remuneration to be spent on training and development.  


Probe’s Recycling Strategy Supports a Safer Environment

Barnabas Gwarisa, Probe’s Environmental and Quality Controller, outlines the company’s new venture into sustainable recycling practice. He says that environmental protection has been a leading topic for governments globally and the principle of cradle-to-grave practices has been emphasised by various legislation such as the Waste Act, the Kyoto protocol and other relevant legislation to create sustainable economies. As stewards of the earth, we all have a social and environmental responsibility to leave a better pace than when we inherited from our forefathers. Probe has decided to break the mould regarding environmental responsibility.


Probe, the Power of Heritage

Despite a challenging economic climate, Probe, South Africa’s largest importer of automotive and auto electrical components has remained committed to a flexible growth strategy that has sustained the family-owned business for over 50 years. CEO Frank Rovelli contributes Probe’s success to correctly anticipating market demand and providing best-in-class products coupled with solid aftermarket support.