Buying a battery – what you need to know

Batteries should last up to 3 years, so chances are, you are going to have to replace it at some point.

Here’s a quick battery 101 for you that will help you choose the right battery and get it lasting as long as possible.

Firstly – you must match your battery to your make and model of vehicle. This is where Probe’s handy online Battery Finder comes into play.

So, I’m looking for the right fit for this Landy and there we go – we need the 658P Xtreme Premium Battery.

This is one of the Probe range of batteries which you can spot a mile away. The red handle, this Magic Eye indicator which gives you an indication of the state of charge, the sleek colour-coded packaging.

The Xtreme is a high performance battery that offers increased grid strength and internal plate supports, making it vibration resistant, extremely durable and robust – perfect for our African conditions.

Henri, our Probe technician, is going to install it for me.

So what are you paying for in a good battery?

Warranty – Probe batteries have a 12, 24 or even 36 month warranty depending on the range Quality and plate construction – All batteries are not created equal and it’s a real case of you get what you pay for – whether it’s a lead-flooded battery, like this one, AGM technology with fibreglass plates or the deep cycle EFB type for StopStart vehicle technology.

Finally, the design of our lid types. Is it sealed – which makes it maintenance-free, or accessible, meaning you’ll have to add electrolyte. Either way, the Probe battery is totally maintenance free, so it uses less electrolyte and has a longer life. You can just fit and forget it. 

If you have more accessories you may need a higher spec battery. For example, the OEM specced a 90AMP for this Landrover, but Probe also has an 100AMP to accommodate accessories like lights, sound systems, fridges or trackers. The next important thing is to make sure it’s installed correctly. To enhance battery life, the main thing is to make sure your terminals and bracket are securely fastened and clean.

 In older models it’s straightforward to replace the battery, but in newer high-tech models with lots of electronics that are powered by the battery, you’ll need to have an alternative power source or this nifty Schumacher memory saver to keep those settings safe while your battery terminals are disconnected. 

There we go, all sorted. 

Look out for our other videos and stay on the road with Probe.

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