How to choose and use battery testers

A car’s battery, charging and starting system may seem fine, but you won’t know until you test it.
The Schumacher range of testers from Probe make it so easy to test and proactively prevent problems with the battery and systems.
All you need is the tester – and your smartphone.
 I’ve downloaded the Shulink App and paired it with the wireless SBT1.
Let’s see the results. It’s 12.5V. A fully charged battery reads 12.6V and above so that’s not too bad.
Now I can easily e-mail or whatsapp this to the vehicle owner – perfect. 

This tests Calcium, AGM, Start and Stop and EV batteries, as well as 12V or 24V charging systems. This makes it ideal for testing a wide variety of vehicles from golf carts to lawn mowers to trucks – you name it. 

An alternative to wireless solutions is this rugged Schumacher battery tester It also includes a thermal printer so you have an instant printout of the test results.

 These easy-to-use testers are essential tools for guys like Probe’s service technician Henri. Henri can schedule periodic battery, charging and starting system tests for his customers and e-mail them the results, building trust, securing more repeat visits and ultimately generating more revenue.

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