Jumpstart your battery with a Schumacher battery booster

Most of us have found ourselves stranded with a flat battery at some point – and it never happens at a good time. It’s even worse if you realise your mobile phone is also flat. 

This powerful range of boosters and chargers from Schumacher has got you covered. I’m going to try out this handy little SL1317. 

We’ve completely drained the battery on this vehicle.
We left the all the lights, the radio, interior lights and air-conditioning on and plugged devices into every possible outlet to drain the battery quickly. It’s now about an hour later, and we’re stuck with a flat battery.

Schumacher to the rescue!
This Schumacher battery booster and jumpstarter offers a nice compact design and it all comes in a neat little carry case. 
There’s an LCD display here with a power indicator, and it can deliver up to 30 jumpstarts. It also has a 3-mode LED light, great if you’re stuck in the dark.
The charging cable makes sure you can charge all your devices fast.

It’s very simple, connect the clamps to the battery and power up the battery pack. It’s got a Lithium polymer battery that holds charge for 6 months.
Here’s the test – the ignition.
Great, starts first time!

 It’s really worth being prepared – so I’d invest in one of these and just remember to check that it’s charged every six months or so.
That’s it from me – look out for our other videos and stay on the road with Probe.

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