Offroad enthusiasts – your best buys

Probe has supplied premium batteries and auto-electrical products for over 55 years – bringing you the leading brands in the vehicle world.
I’ve checked out some of the best buys for all your off-road needs. 

Firstly, the Avanty. This multifunctional, portable gem of an energy system includes a handy on-board air compressor.
It offers 230V AC, 12V DC and 2 USB ports, a torch, a 400 Amp jumpstarter, and an 18Bar air compressor.
Use it to light your campsite, power up your tools, jumpstart your vehicle and inflate your tyres…or even just as a solid back-up power source. Best of all, it’s just 11kilograms and easy to pack. 

Under the hood – make sure you’re using a Probe multipurpose maintenance-free fit-and-forget battery.
It is deep cycle, vibration resistant, extremely durable and robust – a great choice for 4 x 4s. This state-of-charge indicator (Magic Eye) allows you to easily check the power status of your battery. 

To power up all those extras like your travel fridge, you can rely on Probe’s green label deep cycle batteries like the multipurpose Explorer range.
Make sure you check your deep cycle batteries on the shelf and your vehicle battery with this handy little battery tester, the SBT1 from Schumacher.
All you need is the tester – and your smartphone – and it will tell you if jumpstarting is in your future. 

It can also do an Alternator test, Stop/start test, and System test. There you have it – visit Probe and get kitted up today. 

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