Probe launches new generation MaxLi 2.0 Prismatic Lithium battery

Building on the success of the MaxLi lithium battery range, Probe has launched a new generation MaxLi 2.0 Prismatic Lithium battery as part of the Probenergy range. Supplied by innovative South African company TeslaTech, the wall-mountable battery is ideal for renewable energy power backups/UPS and energy storage systems.  

“Lithium Ion battery technology has taken the global market by storm and is in high demand as an energy storage solution across Africa,” says Alternative Sales Director – Ray Fernandez .  “These batteries provide a more eco-friendly choice that is lightweight, low maintenance and compact, with higher density levels and an overall increased cycle life. Probe’s range of MaxLi batteries provide an affordable solution that does not compromise on quality, ensuring customers receive maximum value.”

Rovelli says the new MaxLi 2.0 Prismatic Lithium battery was specifically developed for Probenergy with a focus on quality, durability, and ease of use. Designed as a wall mountable accessory for home and business applications with sleek aesthetics in mind, a rack mountable option will soon be available.

It has a maximum current delivery of 120 ah, which will ensure no possibility of an overload when connected to a 5kW inverter running at maximum capacity. It can be paralleled with 15 or more MaxLi 2.0 Prismatic Lithium Batteries, providing 75 kWh of usable energy storage at 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge). While more than 15 batteries may be installed in parallel, without using the parallel communication port, a maximum of 24 batteries is recommended.

Like the rest of Probe’s Max-Li range, the MaxLi 2.0 Prismatic Lithium Battery offers a high quality BMS (Battery Management System) enabling the user to monitor the functionality and performance of the battery accurately.  The BMS will communicate with most 48 vDc inverters with a CANBUS communication port. It may be installed with any UPS, charger, inverter or solar inverter that has a user definable setup mode,  as long as a maximum charge voltage of 54 vDc is an option. The digital display is located at the front of the battery which allows the user to easily monitor the operating temperature, performance, charge and discharge, overcharge and over-discharge as well as overload.

The BMS firmware and software was developed to allow batteries to be installed with a DC voltage differential of up to 10 volts without any concern of in-rush or out-rush current, which could potentially cause the battery to shut down. “This eliminates the need for battery balancing during installation, and is a great advantage for the initial installation or when modularly adding to an existing MaxLi 2.0 Prismatic Lithium battery bank,” says Fernandez.

The Lithium Prismatic battery cells as well as the BMS are from globally renowned suppliers and are of the highest industry standard. This enables Probenergy to confidently offer a 10-year (limited) warranty, covered by TeslaTech.

Probe’s full Max-Li Range consists of battery voltages ranging from 24V-48V. These are available in 50AH, 70AH, 100AH, 120AH and 200AH.

With nearly 60 years of experience in the provision and distribution of high quality batteries, Probe now covers the entire energy storage supply sector. “We are committed to offering our customers quality, affordable alternative energy solutions that help them deal with the current energy crisis in Africa. Probe will remain at the forefront of technological advances and ensure that our products evolve to add real value,” says Fernandez.