From Toyota to Isuzu, light duty to heavy duty — all your alternator needs are sorted with the highest quality alternators in South Africa.

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Ensure that the electrical system in your generator or vehicle runs smoothly. Whether you need alternators for generators, vehicles or just professional advice, we have the expertise and inventory to cater to your needs.

Types of Alternators

Alternators for sale can be divided into 5 different types:

  • Automotive alternators also known as car alternators
  • Diesel-electric locomotive alternators used in trains
  • Radio alternators used to generate radio waves
  • Brushless alternators that use rotors rather than brushes to generate electric current
  • Marine alternators used in ships and boats

Ultimately, the alternator you opt for should be designed for your purposes. At Probe, we provide premium alternators for cars and heavy-duty fleets.

Alternator vs Generator

An alternator turns mechanical energy into AC electricity, or alternating current, while a generator converts mechanical energy to either AC or DC (direct current) electricity. In other words, both devices convert mechanical energy into electricity, but while an alternator can only generate an alternating current, a generator can generate alternating and direct currents. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alternators turn mechanical energy into electricity. Alternators for cars are activated by a drive belt. The drive belt activates a pulley which turns the rotor shaft of the alternator. This then spins magnets around a coil, resulting in electricity.