Light Duty Alternators

A high-quality alternator is essential for the optimal running of any vehicle. Choose from Probe’s premium light-duty alternators to power your fleet.

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Uses of Light-Duty Alternators

Light-duty alternators are typically used as alternators in cars. Like heavy-duty alternators, light-duty alternators convert chemical energy from the vehicle battery into electrical energy that charges the battery and powers other electrical elements of the vehicle. The difference between heavy and light-duty alternators is the voltage and amperage offered, or, put simply, the output and the amount of power they can work with.

Benefits of Light-Duty Alternators

Alternators are a necessary part of any vehicle engine, but there are benefits to the light-duty alternators offered by Probe, including:

  • Optimal battery life
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Ideal output for light-duty use
  • Quality engineering

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Frequently Asked Questions

A working light-duty alternator should have a reading between 13.9-14.8V while charging.