Force EFB Light Duty Batteries

EFB batteries boast a host of benefits over standard flooded batteries. With Probe’s premium EFB light-duty batteries, your vehicles will perform better for longer at a more cost-effective lifespan.

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What are EFB batteries?

EFB batteries or Enhanced Flooded Batteries are a type of lead-acid battery, often used in automotive applications.  EFB car batteries boast several benefits including:

  • Better performance, improved charging and enhanced cycling ability
  • Cost effectiveness due to their extended lifespan, performance benefits, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Durability designed for vehicle demands including vibration resistance
  • No need for ongoing maintenance as they are sealed and maintenance-free

Overall, EFB batteries and specifically Probe’s L3 EFB batteries are a popular choice for automotive needs because they save costs and boost performance.

EFB battery vs standard battery

EFB batteries are an improved iteration of traditional, or standard wet-flooded batteries, offering advanced technology which enhances performance, durability, and reliability. 

Standard flooded batteries consist of lead plates submersed in a liquid electrolyte while EFB batteries have a more advanced design, with improved materials plate structures. This improved design gives EFB batteries a better charge acceptance, which makes them better suited to applications with frequent charge and discharge cycles, like stop-start systems in vehicles.

The improved design of EFB batteries also makes them resistant to vibrations and extreme temperatures, unlike standard batteries. This makes them maintenance-free, another benefit EFB batteries have that standard flooded batteries lack.