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Energizer batteries are known for their applications in everyday devices from watches to flashlights. Whether you’re looking for rechargeable batteries or not, our collection of Energizer everyday batteries will have what you need.

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Probe is a proud Energizer batteries distributor. From AAA to CR2, find the single-use and rechargeable Energizer batteries you need to power your day-to-day life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Batteries lose charge when all the chemical potential energy inside is converted into other forms of energy. This happens when the battery is used to power something.

Lithium batteries last up to four times longer than other batteries. Beyond that, they are lightweight, making them ideal for portable everyday devices, and they function even in extreme temperatures. Most Energizer batteries are lithium batteries for these reasons.

Batteries will go flat even if you don’t use them because they naturally deteriorate internally due to the battery acid inside. Storing your batteries correctly can help to slow this, but all batteries do slowly lose their stored energy.