Delco Remy Starters

Delco Remy starters are engineered for heavy-duty use in off-road vehicles. No matter your needs, terrain, or conditions, starters by Delco Remy  will ensure optimal performance.

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Supplying Delco Remy Starters to South Africa

Probe is proud to bring the premium quality of Delco Remy to South Africa. Delco Remy starters:

  • Ensure better engine starts by giving optimal performance
  • Meet or exceed OEM crank requirements
  • Boast long-term reliability with thermal protection and expert engineering

Delco Remy’s Industry-Leading Starters

Delco Remy is renowned for their leading engineering and consequent reliability and durability in all applications.  Delco Remy starter brushes are no exception. Delco Remy starters are designed and engineered to start off-road and heavy-duty vehicles in all weather conditions and work environments.