Prestolite Starters

Prestolite starters from Probe are the epitome of reliability and efficiency in industrial and automotive industry. Browse our collection of premium Prestolite starter motors and discover the durability and high performance of Prestolite.

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The Benefits of Prestolite Starters

As a leader in the industrial and automotive industries, Prestolite’s starter components all come together in excellent engineering for optimal starter performance. Prestolite starter solenoids and Prestolite starter brushes are expertly designed to boast reliable performance, quick and smooth starts, durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance.

How to Test a Starter Switch

If you want to test your Prestolite starter switch follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the vehicle is off and disconnect the battery to avoid electrical shocks.
  2. Find the starter switch of the vehicle. It is usually near the steering column.
  3. Examine the wiring, searching for any damage, corrosion, or loose connections.
  4. Setup

If you’re using a multimeter to test your starter switch, set it to the resistance setting and connect it to the two terminals on the back of the starter switch. 

If you’re using a test light, connect it to a known good ground like the vehicle’s chassis. Then touch the probe end to one of the terminals on the back of the starter switch.

  1. Have someone turn the ignition into the start position while you keep the testing apparatus connected. If the circuit is closed, the starter switch is in the correct working order. If the circuit is open, it is faulty and in need of replacement. 

Always follow safety precautions and consult your Prestolite starter manual to safely test your starter switch.