Collision Avoidance System (CAS) is an integrated risk management system for the mining industry that allows for enhanced situational and proximity awareness, which ultimately improves safety on site.  CAS is proven in open cut and surface mines, detecting proximate activity between vehicles and pedestrians.

Probe Integrated Mining Technologies (PIMT) are market leaders in the field of Collision Avoidance.  The company’s superior, state-of-the art systems have been installed globally at blue-chip customers such as Vale, South32, BHP Billiton, Sedibelo Platinum, ASSMANG and Vedanta etc.  

PIMT’s CAS allows for immediate, interactive communication between standalone vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian scenarios without having to rely on relay towers and repeaters or test stations.  Additionally, the CAS systems can be enhanced with a self-test function that continuously checks the health of the system and is able to report any damages or failures via SMS, scheduled e- mail or control rooms.  The vehicle-to-pedestrian detection technology can detect pedestrians with high accuracy around corners and through strata, providing accurate detection under the footprint of mining equipment.

The CAS system includes a set of fully-customizable system reports, such as dangerous pass tailgating, over speeding and geo fence breaches.  This means that mining companies can highlight and critically analyze those operational practices and behaviors that may pose a safety risk. 

Through the provision of fit-for-purse and technologically advanced collision avoidance systems, PIMT is firmly committed to becoming an integral part of their clients’ operations as they strive towards a robustly safe environment.

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