Deep Cycle Batteries

Probe sells a high-quality, affordable line of solar batteries in South Africa that can efficiently meet your capacity requirements. Our wide range of solar storage batteries serves as an essential component for solar energy systems in homes or commercial spaces.

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Deep Cycle Batteries for Solar Solutions and More

Probe’s solar batteries are usable with both off-grid and hybrid solar panel systems requiring energy storage, helping you:

  • Gain reliable backup power during power outages or load-shedding
  • Reduce your home or office’s carbon footprint with sustainable, renewable energy
  • Lower your overall energy costs

Probe has a complete range of solar batteries for sale, which can be purchased individually or as part of a solar kit. We’ll help you select the best solar battery for your system, allowing you to maintain your daily lifestyle and operations with an additional electricity source.

AGM Battery vs. Gel Battery

AGM and gel batteries both serve as solar power storage alternatives to lithium and lead-acid batteries. The main difference between and AGM and gel battery is that gel batteries are made using a gel paste in which the electrolyte is suspended inside the battery case. AGM batteries store the electrolyte in an internal structure, so it can never spill — a major safety advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar batteries typically have a lifespan of between 5 and 15 years. In order to preserve the solar battery system for as long as possible, it’s important to use the correct battery type and charger for the power storage solution.

The number of batteries required for a 5kW solar system greatly depends on the DC input requirement of the inverter. A potential option is using 5 AGM batteries in the battery bank with 100AH capacity.

Deep cycle batteries are made using thick battery plates and dense active material. This allows the battery to successfully manage charge and discharge rates. Deep cycle batteries are also light, compact and fast-charging, making it ideal for both home and office solar power systems.