Lighting - Torch batteries

Torches are an essential for every home and business. Whether you use a book light, a hand-held lantern or a traditional torch in times of darkness, Probe has all the premium flashlight batteries, head torch batteries and rechargeable torch batteries you’ll need to keep the lights on.

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Types of Torch Batteries

The type of torch batteries you’ll need depends on the torch you are powering and the way you use it. Choosing a power supply for your torches, therefore, relies on the torch itself, what batteries it can take, and your usage demands. Generally, torch batteries come in AA, AAA, C, D, button cells, 9V and 2/3AAA.

Frequently Asked Questions

All flashlights and torches use lithium-ion batteries. The shape and size of the battery will depend on the torch itself and what batteries it can accommodate, as well as your usage needs. So while all torch batteries are lithium-ion, you may be using AA, AAA, C, D, 2/3AAA, 9V, or button cell torch batteries.

Step 1 – Locate the cap on your torch and open it. If there is already a battery in the torch it may fall out at this point. 

Step 2 – Find the icons under the cap that indicate which way to insert the torch batteries and insert them accordingly. The flat part of the battery (the negative terminal) should face a spring in the battery compartment.

Step 3 – Replace the battery cap. Now your torch is ready to use!

Follow these directions for both single-use and rechargeable torch batteries.