Battery Boosters

Enhance the performance of your equipment with Probe’s premium battery boosters. From 4Amp smart chargers to 9000Amp heavy-duty battery boosters, all of your booster needs are sorted.

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Uses and Benefits of Battery Boosters

Whether you want to look after your company vehicle or you want to ensure the longevity of a fleet, every motorist needs a battery booster pack. Battery boosters for cars and heavy-duty vehicles alike are portable, which means you can use them at home to help start up a slow engine on a cold day and take them with you ensuring you’re never stranded in need of jumper cables. And with our premium battery boosters, you can find the ideal auto battery booster for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Battery boosters save time and money due to the independence they offer. With a battery booster pack in your vehicle, you never need to wait for roadside assistance to give you a jump start. Instead, you can be back up and running in minutes without the help of another road user. So if you’re trying to keep your fleet moving or if you want to ensure the safety of loved ones when they’re out and about alone, a battery booster is a necessity.

Battery boosters use a strong, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with jumper cables to boost a flat car battery. They work the same way as using another vehicle’s battery to jumpstart your vehicle but without the need for assistance from someone else. Essentially, battery boosters are a self-sufficient alternative to jumper cables alone.

Follow these directions to safely boost a battery with one of our auto battery boosters.

Step 1 – Connect the jumper cables to the corresponding terminals of your vehicle’s battery using the clamps at the ends of the cables. First, connect the red cable to the positive battery terminal, then connect the black cable to the negative terminal.

Step 2 – Connect the loose ends of the jumper cables to the booster in the same order.

Step 3 – Wait for the signal from the booster (this will vary depending on which booster you are using) and then start your vehicle.

Step 4 – Disconnect the black jumper cable and then the red jumper cable from the vehicle battery and then disconnect the cables from the booster in the same order.

These directions are a guideline only. Always read and follow the directions of use for your specific battery booster.