Alternative Energy Accessories

Find everything you need for a high-performing solar system in Probe’s selection of solar accessories. Whether you’re looking for battery boxes, a hybrid inverter, current transformers or something else, our solar accessories have everything you need to move off the grid.

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The Benefits of Solar Accessories

Accessories for solar panels like solar batteries, cabling, fuses, solar panel and battery mounting hardware, lighting, and switches can transform a basic solar system into a solid and seamless integration with your home or work power. The benefits of high-quality solar system accessories include:

  • Maximum battery life
  • Safe, convenient and reliable energy
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Cost efficiency
  • User-friendly interface

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good solar power system requires more than just solar panels and batteries. Other important solar accessories include: 

  • An inverter
  • Solar panel mounting
  • 12V lighting
  • AC and DC cabling
  • Conduit pipes for cables
  • Earthing strips
  • AC and DC combiner boxes
  • A lightning arrester
  • MC4 connectors

Every solar system needs accessories for the solar panels, but the number of solar system accessories you need will depend on how basic the system is and your energy needs. 

A basic solar system needs a high-quality deep-cycle battery, an inverter, AC and DC cabling, and solar panel mounting.

A more advanced solar system may also incorporate an ambient temperature sensor, an irradiation sensor, a smart meter, and a photovoltaic (PV) system controller.

At Probe, we supply all the components and solar system accessories you might need. Browse our solar batteries, panels, and solar accessories or contact us for help finding all the solar system accessories your system needs to thrive.