Battery Chargers

Power up your tools and appliances with our premium selection of battery chargers. Probe’s smart battery chargers use an intelligent charging system to safely charge and optimally maintain most battery types. From cars and boats to tools and equipment, browse our battery chargers for sale to find the ideal charger for your needs.

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The Benefits of Battery Chargers

Battery chargers save money and time constantly replacing single-use batteries by enabling you to simply plug in and recharge your batteries. Rechargeable batteries can be used and recharged over 500 times – that’s saving the cost of 500 new single-use batteries! Smart battery chargers also extend battery life by charging and maintaining them optimally, keeping your batteries performing as well as new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the quality and specifications, battery chargers for cars can cost anywhere from R350 to R2200.

Battery chargers for cars reverse the chemical process that enables the battery to discharge in the beginning, restoring the battery to its full capacity. Car batteries are typically lead-acid batteries, so they work by a chemical reaction that produces ions. The movement of the ions generates electricity that starts your car. A car battery charger reverses the process and restores all the elements of the battery to their original state, with electrical energy now stored in the battery.

Because batteries are so varied in their shape, size and type there is no single universal battery charger, but rather a few types of universal battery chargers. Charging pads can charge anything with wireless charging capabilities like some smartphones and smartwatches, while a household universal battery charger will charge almost any typical household battery. Battery chargers for cars will charge any car battery, but not necessarily a boat or golf cart battery.