Lawnmower Batteries

Cordless lawnmowers are game changers for gardening. Our  lawnmower batteries are designed to perform off the grid, so your lawn can look its best, even in blackouts!

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Benefits of Lawnmower Batteries

Lawnmower batteries enable you to keep your garden in tip-top shape and they outcompete fuel-powered lawnmowers in many aspects. A lawn mower battery is:

  • Off-grid
  • More cost-effective
  • Quieter
  • Emission-free

Consider going cordless and you’ll find we have the perfect lawnmower battery for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lawnmower batteries usually last three to five years. They will last longer if maintained well, so charging them correctly and ensuring they don’t corrode will lengthen their life.

Charging a lawnmower battery correctly can ensure its longevity. He’s how to charge a lawnmower battery:

  1. Wear protective clothing like gloves and eye protection.
  2. Ensure the lawnmower charger is disconnected from the outlet. If it is not, unplug it.
  3. Locate the lawnmower battery. You may need to use the lawnmower’s manual.
  4. Connect the positive charger cable to the positive battery terminal. These should be indicated in red.
  5. Connect the negative charger cable to the negative battery terminal. These are indicated in black.
  6. Make sure the voltage of the charger matches your lawnmower battery voltage. It should be at 12V if you use 12V lawnmower batteries
  7. Plug the charger back into an outlet.
  8. Wait for the battery to charge fully before you disconnect the charger

The amps of a lawnmower battery are important when selecting one that will meet your needs. Most lawnmower batteries fall into the range of 10Ah to 40Ah. Probe’s premium lawnmower batteries are 32Ah, meaning they can provide 1 amp of power for a whopping 32 hours, or 32 amps in one hour!