Ultimate AGM Light Duty Batteries

AGM car batteries offer maintenance-free convenience, durability with vibration resistance, and deep cycling capabilities, making them ideal for light-duty vehicles. Browse Probe’s premium AGM car batteries to find the perfect one for your needs.

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What is an AGM car battery?

AGM stands for ‘Absorbent Glass Mat’. AGM car batteries are a type of lead-acid car battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed and kept in a glass mat separator. AGM car batteries are maintenance-free and versatile with deep cycle capabilities and a low rate of self-discharge.

The benefits of AGM car batteries

AGM car batteries are popular in the automotive industry because of several benefits.

  1. They provide reliable starting power.
  2. They have a remarkably low self-discharge rate, retaining their charge for longer.
  3. They boast deep cycle capabilities, meaning they can tolerate repeated discharging and recharging without reduced performance.
  4. They can handle modern vehicle electrical systems and the demands they come with.
  5. They are ideal for vehicles with advanced technology like start-stop systems and regenerative braking.
  6. They are maintenance-free.

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Do AGM car batteries last longer?

AGM car batteries are known for their impressive lifespan, lasting two to three times longer than most flooded batteries. AGM batteries can last up to seven years thanks to their design and they are perfect for stop-start applications because of their deep cycle capability.