Backup Kits / Plug & Play

Our backup power supply kits empower South Africans with uninterrupted electricity during outages. Each kit in our selection is plug-and-play, so backup power has never been simpler.

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Types of Power Backup Systems

When it comes to backup power there are a range of options, from solar backup kits to a UPS backup system. Our selection of power backup kits includes 18W, 30W, and 100W lithium-ion batteries and micro-UPS systems.

Benefits of Backup Power Supply Kits

A backup power supply has many benefits of its own, but the primary benefit of Probe’s backup power kits is their plug-and-play functionality. Simple assembly means essentials will have an uninterrupted power supply in minutes.

Other benefits include:

  • Consistent power supply even in outages
  • Removing surges, spikes, glitches, and dips to safeguard your electronics

When protecting your electronics and constant energy supply is so easy, our plug-and-play backup power kits are a no-brainer!

How to Connect Backup Battery to Power Supply

We mean it when we call our backup power kits ‘plug-and-play’. They’re easy to have up and running in just a few steps.

Step 1. Plug the backup battery into your main power supply and turn it on. 

Step 2. Unplug the device you want to power and plug its power cord into the backup battery.

Step 3. Wait a few minutes for the connection to stabilise.

You’re now connected to a steady stream of electricity regardless of outages thanks to your backup power supply!

Frequently Asked Questions

A backup power system provides electricity to your home or work or select appliances even in power outages. Our backup kits provide a backup power supply with lithium-ion batteries that store energy and remain constant, reducing the threat of surges to your appliances.

When it comes to power backup you have a choice of diesel or petrol generators and battery backup power systems. Batteries are quieter and don’t emit any fumes like generators. They also don’t require external input in the form of fuel. For these reasons, we always recommend battery backups as the best backup power for load shedding.

Cell towers are also affected by load shedding and power outages, but they use telecom batteries, which are a specialised form of power backup supply, when these things happen. This keeps cell towers up and providing signal even if the power is out.