Compressor Parts

Air compressor parts are the backbone of many industry elements. From paint spraying to blasting equipment, high-quality compressor parts are essential for high performance. Choose from Probe’s first-rate air compressor parts to keep your air compressors functioning optimally.

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Compressor Parts and Functions

The main air compressor parts are an electric motor, a pump, and a receiver. The electric motor powers the pump which compresses the air and channels it into the receiver to be expelled from the compressor and used. Air compressor parts can vary. The pump contains either a piston or a set of rotors, depending on whether the air compressor is a piston air compressor or a screw compressor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air main parts of a compressor are: the engine block and the pressure regulator. The engine block contains pistons or rotors that pump air through the compressor. The pressure regulator ensures that the pressure remains stable during the compression process.

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