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Browse Probe’s air clutch hub to find the ideal Horton air clutch to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our premium Horton air clutches are ideal for a seamless pneumatic clutch assembly and vehicle operation.

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Find the Perfect Air Clutch For Your Needs

Our high-quality air clutches come complete with an specialised air clutch diagram and Horton air clutch manual for easy installation. The superiority of Probe air clutches means less downtime and smoother operations for your fleets and machinery.

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What is an Air Clutch?

An air clutch is a mechanical device powered by compressed air, used in industrial and automotive applications. It engages or disengages power transmission between rotating shafts swiftly and precisely. Renowned for efficiency and durability, air clutches find applications in heavy machinery and environments where rapid and reliable engagement is essential.

How Does an Air Clutch Work?

An air clutch operates using compressed air to engage or disengage power transmission between rotating shafts. When air pressure is applied, the clutch engages, facilitating power transfer. Releasing the air pressure disengages the clutch, interrupting the power flow. This mechanism allows for quick, precise control in various industrial and automotive applications.