Whether it’s a truck that is required to drive long distances or an industrial vehicle that must idle over sustained periods of time, one thing is certain:  these vehicles demand a robust and hard-working cooling system to guard against over-heating during long operational hours and in arduous terrains.  Horton’s cooling solutions, officially distributed through Probe, ensure that over-heating is one less risk both on and off the road. 

Although a cooling system is found in every vehicle, the requirements are far more intense in heavy duty vehicles compared to light passenger vehicles.  In hot climates such as South Africa, a reliable and powerful cooling system becomes even more important.

What exactly does the cooling system do?  Firstly, it ensures that the temperate of the burning gases within the engine’s cylinders are constantly cooled as they burn.  This is because the temperature of the burning gases actually exceeds the melting point of the block and cylinder materials.   Without cooling, these high temperatures would irreversibly damage the engine materials and lubricants (in some instances melting and even melding metal parts together), causing the engine to seize.

Secondly, maintaining an optimum engine temperature helps keep the engine running efficiently in terms of fuel economy and also ensures volumetric efficiency – or horsepower – of the vehicle.  

Horton’s world-leading cooling systems

Probe has a selection of products from Horton, the leading global provider of rugged, reliable, OEM engineered fan drive systems.  Horton offers the widest range of viscous fan clutches and fan replacement parts for all makes of European heavy-, medium- and light-duty truck, transporter and bus applications. 

Horton’s viscous fan clutches have been engineered to the highest standard for equal or better-than OEM performance.  They have a rapid response time and lower operating noise, improved fuel economy, more available horsepower and are of a completely sealed durable construction.  

Under most operating conditions, a two-speed fan drive is powered by eddy current. This turns the fan at a lower speed, which reduces noise during operation, increases available horsepower for auxiliary systems and minimises radiator abrasion from dust and debris. When additional cooling is needed, the fan drive spring-actuates and runs the fan at full input speed.  Horton’s patented two-speed technology alternates between eddy current and spring-actuated cooling for precise, highly efficient temperature control and reduced operating noise.

Horton’s fan clutch range includes air-sensing viscous clutches, electronically controlled and direct-sensing viscous clutches, pneumatically actuated viscous clutches and fan clutch/fan assemblies (fan clutch with integrated fan).

Retrofitting with Horton’s PolarForce conversion kits

Using a conversion kit is significantly less costly than purchasing a new fan drive.  To this end, Probe supplies Horton’s two-speed conversion kits which enable the retrofitting of the DM Advantage or DriveMaster on/off fan drive to two-speed fan drive technology.  

The conversion kits feature advanced components and a cutting-edge design for efficient and reliable operation.  What is more, they are easily installed without having to remove the fan drive from the engine, and they are compatible with any 65 mm or 127 mm fan. 

With precise temperature control, a DM Advantage or DriveMaster Fan Drive retrofitted with a PolarForce two-speed conversion kit is the optimal solution for cooling vehicles such as rear-engine cement mixers, refuse vehicles, severe service vehicles and other on- and off-highway equipment with little to no ram air.

Probe understands the many requirements and choices for heavy duty vehicle- and fleet owners, when considering the optimal cooling system.  Probe’s service team is ready to guide you to make an informed decision so that your vehicles will remain cool under pressure at all times.