Probe Corporation supports coastal clean-up initiative

Air, power and energy solutions company Probe Corporation is proud to support the Izame Zabantu Nature Helpers, a new coastal clean-up initiative that is creating employment and removing thousands of bags of plastic from the ocean. Clean-up teams are currently working daily to clear plastic and other rubbish at the Black River Mouth and beach at Paarden Eiland.

In February 2021, Izame Labantu founder Natanya Mulholland volunteered for a beach clean-up and was shocked at what she saw. “We picked up polystyrene, plastic bottles, bags, lighters, flip flops and all sorts of human waste that one can imagine – suitcases, clothing, ear bud sticks, plastic rope, nappies, plastic packaging of all sorts. It troubled me deeply when I watched the high tide take all that we did not collect, out into the vast ocean. I knew I had to do something about it.”

Natanya employed her gardener, Nicholas Sundiro, and his three neighbours, all single mothers, to pick up more plastic. Friends and the community donated so that clean-ups could continue. And so Izame Zabantu Nature Helpers was born. The team has developed skill at cleaning the site and they now collect over 120 bags per day on two days a week, with plans to expand further.

“We are deeply thankful for Probe’s support of Izame Zabantu Nature Helpers. We dream of clearing up more plastic, creating more jobs and building a stronger South Africa through collaboration, action and kindness,’ says Mulholland.

“Along with skills development and job creation, environmental sustainability is a clear priority and our sponsorships and corporate social responsibility investments reflect this,” says Probe CEO Rick Rovelli. “This initiative combines all three elements. We believe in supporting people who take action to make a difference. Izame Zabantu has great potential to expand nationwide and we hope that our customers and partners will join us in supporting this vital initiative.”
Funds are managed through registered and BBBEE-compliant partner NGO the Ikamva Labantu Charitable Trust and all donors receive a Section 18A tax certificate. If you would like to assist in supporting Izame Zabantu, please contact [email protected]