Probe Corporation has an extensive employee training programme to assist our employees in learning specific job-related skills and improving performance in their current roles. Training is aimed at all levels of our employees, from senior management to entry-level employees, and there is also a focus on training women employees. Probe Corporation’s training initiatives are in line with South Africa’s current transformation policies and legislative framework, the Skills Development Act, which requires a percentage of employee remuneration to be spent on training and development.  

Beyond the legislative requirement, however, Probe Corporation is committed to nurturing a long-term ‘family of employees’ in reaching their highest potential.  The training gives our employees a renewed sense of Probe Corporation’s business goals and objectives, as well as providing them with an opportunity to better manage themselves, and their teams.   

Our training programme includes the following areas:

  • On-the-job individual training

  • Group training by external facilitators

  • Learnerships

  • Internships

On-the-job training provides employees with an opportunity to develop their own personal knowledge and individual skills related to their specific job functions.  On-the-job training is implemented by mentors, who themselves are employees with specialist knowledge of their job function and field of expertise.

At Probe Corporation, individual mentorship is particularly relevant to the employees engaged in the assembly of electronic automotive components. Technical training in the workshop includes the rebuilding of automotive parts, and the assessment of quality control to meet international standards.

Group training by external facilitators supports Probe Corporation’s business objectives and expected business outcomes.  Typical examples of external training to all levels of employees would include:

  • Applying the organisation’s Code of Conduct

  • Leadership training

  • Improving customer service

  • Motivating and building a team

  • Problem-solving in the workplace

Probe Corporation’s Learnerships progammes for employees is a structured learning programme that includes theoretical and practical workplace experiential learning over at least 12 months and which leads to a qualification. 

We place entry-level employees seeking a more intensive development programme on Learnerships that include the following qualifications:

  • Wholesale and Retail Operations

  • Microsoft end-user programmes

  • Business Administration

  • Sales & Marketing

Probe Corporation’s Learnerships for Unemployed Learners takes the form of support for external programmes designed for unemployed youth in order for them to achieve the same learning outcomes as full-time employees.

Probe Corporation Internship Programme is offered in our Finance department for qualifying applicants. This has proven to be a successful method of promoting growth in the company and the fulfillment of critical skills required.

Learners with disabilities.  In addition to our own employee training, Probe Corporation has for several years sponsored external training programmes for learners with disabilities.  This includes funding provided to a basic adult education programme for learners who have been unable to complete their education to due disability, and an intermediate Information Technology Learnership for disabled learners, who are then able to successfully enter the job market.