The power of heritage

Probe, established in 1963 by Francesco Rovelli, has developed into a diversified group powering the automotive, mining, alternative energy and industrial sectors in Southern Africa.

Probe Industrial Technologies, Probenergy and Probe Integrated Mining Technologies (IMT) are specialised divisions of the integrated group. We supply and provide aftermarket support for leading global brands and our Probe ranges, including Probe batteries, ProbeAir compressors and Probenergy power solutions.   Building on Probe’s proud heritage and established networks is a strategic vision to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage through continued diversification of our product range as a trusted supplier of world class power and energy solutions.

Knowledge capital

Probe is a technical company led by a motivated management team that has deep knowledge of the different segments in which it operates.  The Probe Group family of over 270 employees is led by Frank Rovelli, with the support of Probe CEO Richard Rovelli and Probe IMT CEO Gert Roselt.

The Probe team embraces evolving products and technologies, navigating the ever-changing business and political environment to consistently bring fresh solutions to the market in each of the sectors in which we operate. We constantly strive to embrace and understand new technologies, providing our partners with the necessary focus and expertise to develop relevant products in a dynamic environment



Known for supplying the Complete Power Package with a focus on batteries, starters and alternators, Probe imports world-class batteries and branded auto-electrical components. We represent major OEM brands including Borg Warner (Delco Remy), Prestolite (Leece-Neville), CE Niehoff and Horton.

We remain a leading importer and distributor of the latest battery technologies in the Southern African region.


Alternative Energy

Probe has expanded into alternative energy technologies, including lithium batteries and supercapacitors, offering the range and expertise that both business and domestic users need to revolutionise their energy sources. Probenergy offers high quality yet affordable power solutions for a wide range of applications, including solar, back-up solutions, UPS, industrial, marine, telecommunications. The range further includes inverters, solar kits and next generation battery chargers and boosters. Probe represents international manufacturing plants including KiloWatt Labs, Monbat, Maxli, Okaya and Tudor, importing varied best-of-breed technologies to cater for different market needs.


Probe Industrial Technologies powers efficient industry through quality air and power solutions. Through our range of screw and reciprocating piston compressors we combine optimal performance with huge energy saving benefits. Industrial power transmission products include SITI gearboxes and electric motors, Eaton Airflex and Nexen industrial pneumatic clutch and brake solutions. The collective represents major international brands including Eaton Airflex, Siti, Nexen and MicroPower.

We have engaged with a material handling company to expand our range into electrical forklifts and EV technology, with the associated charging systems. Probe has a diversified range of batteries to support the material handling segment, encompassing lead, lithium and advanced traction battery solutions.


Our primary focus in the mining segment is the provision of Safety and Productivity solutions. We provide the latest technology Collision Avoidance Products and electric motors. Probe is a proud Third Party Partner to General Electric.

Probe supplies M3sh Gas and Dust detection products, as well OEM standard mining-compliant harnesses. We supply auto-electrical products and services and complete battery solutions for mining, from lead acid (cranking, traction and storage), AGM/Gel and lithium batteries to supercapacitors.

Digital Analytics is an emerging focus, with the ultimate objective of consolidating productivity and safety products on one platform to add integrated value to the market.


At Probe, we take pride in the strong relationships we have with all our stakeholders, and our ability to execute transactions that make commercial sense and are ethically and environmentally compliant.
We believe the current commercial environment in Southern Africa is about “Partnerships”, and Probe is ideally positioned to make its mark in the respective segments in the next decade.

Presence across Southern Africa

Probe has 15 operational branches throughout Southern Africa, including in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana and Mauritius. We further have distributor arrangements with trusted partners in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Probe Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) shareholding

Probe’s BEE status meets the requirement of the South African BEE laws and we are EEA (Employment Equity) compliant. We are proud to be associated with Thesele Holdings, a reputable Private Equity Company ( that holds a 49.95% share in Probe Group Holdings. Probe remains committed to transformation in South Africa.


“Understanding the product and the vision is the path to creating a limitless environment and achieving the desired outcome for all stakeholders.  There shouldn’t be a cap to what one wants to achieve, while always remaining fair, unbiased and committed!”
Frank Rovelli, Probe Group CEO