Probe, South Africa’s largest importer of premium, maintenance-free, fit and forget batteries and a leader in rotating electrics, has established Probe Industrial Technologies.  The new division is focused on providing quality air, power and safety solutions to industrial clients.   Within this division is Air Power Technologies, which primarily distributes SCC compressors, a leading global brand of high quality air compressors.

As part of Probe’s expansion strategy and commitment to providing a complete industrial solution, the company sought to partner with a suitable manufacturer of high-quality air compressors.  The innovative German-based ISO 9001:2008 company, Tolpec SCC, which produces the SCC air compressor, appeared to be the perfect fit.  Tolpec SCC’s combination of best-in-class practices and total in-house capabilities made the company an ideal partner for Probe.  The partnership is a win-win for both companies.  Probe was looking for a premium class of air compressor to distribute at a competitive market price.  Tolpec SCC had recently embarked on a global expansion strategy that included establishing a German-managed manufacturing facility in China as well as looking at the potential African market and a suitable local partner. Probe’s 50-year experience in local and African markets made a good fit.

It is an opportune time for new entrants to come into the market and provide a quality premium air compressor brand at competitive prices, given that the market is dominated by overpriced OEM brands and numerous companies offering a cheaper product with no aftermarket or spares support. Additionally, some of the more familiar brands are without distributors at present.

Probe’s aim is to provide the customer with a product that provides optimal performance along with huge energy saving potential.  And a crucial aspect to the product offering is that Probe has strong aftermarket service and support that includes service technicians and the availability of spares at all times. In addition, the Air Power Technologies team is able to conduct air audits and customer air compressor assessments to ensure that the best suited products are selected for the specific application.

Probe Industrial Technologies has been able to hit the ground running by leveraging Probe Corporation’s critical mass and reach.  The division has set aggressive targets that they aim to meet in a two-year period.  With a quality product such as the SCC compressor and local markets ripe for a new offering in quality air compressors supported by solid aftermarket service, Probe is confident that they will meet these targets.

Probe Industrial Technologies sub division Air Power Technologies offers the following product range:  

  1. Reciprocating compressors from 1.5 kW up to and including 15kW tank mounted compressors.
  2. An electric rotary screw compressor range which starts at 5.5 kW up to a 250-kW model in three pressure variants.
  3. An oil-free range of compressors in a water-cooled version from 90kW up to 415 kW.
  4. Auxiliary quality air products including refrigerant air dryers, filters and drains.