Probe launches new Dynamic range of batteries at Automechanika

Leading battery distributor Probe is proud to announce the launch of its new Dynamic range of batteries, offering consumers a cost-effective but still high quality battery solution that meets the standard specifications of the South African automotive aftermarket segment. The range will be added to Probe’s comprehensive maintenance-free range of batteries, including light and heavy duty, deep cycle and leisure batteries.

 “In today’s economic climate, it has become necessary to offer a quality product at an affordable price for different market segments. This exciting new product, manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, provides just that,” says Probe CEO Rick Rovelli.  “Our confidence in the product is based on the manufacturer’s ability to apply the latest technology in the manufacturing of their products, such as Matrix Press (Punch) technology.”

All positive plates are manufactured with the new technology, which provides the product with advanced features including:

  • Higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
  • Better charge acceptance
  • Avoidance of grid growth, avoiding short circuits
  • Better cycle life
  • Extra resistance to heavy vibration
  • Highest conductance, increasing the cranking capacity

The negative plates make use of finer active material, preventing corrosion. This combined with a design that has the correct plate thickness prevents excessive water loss and provides a longer shelf life.

The Dynamic range brings Probe into the budget segment of the battery aftermarket, while still providing users with a quality product and peace of mind. The product will be launched with an 18 month warranty period from date of sale, which is in line with or better than market trends. 

Another exciting addition will be batteries that will be exclusively produced for the South African taxi market. “Taxis have a heavy requirement for continuous cranking and need to power retro-fitted equipment like Wi-fi routers and extra sound. The Dynamic range is up to the task,” explains Rovelli.

Rovelli says that the factory can supply all the technologies required for the automotive aftermarket, including enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. “New types of batteries will be added to the product basket very soon.  We will also include batteries for the leisure market as well as heavy duty batteries for the commercial market.”