Tauro Commercial Inverter – TAURO ECO 50-3-P

The Fronius Tauro ECO 50-3-P, a 50 kW power class three-phase system, guarantees exceptional performance, even in harsh environments. Its intelligent hardware design not only helps in minimising upfront costs, but also provides unparalleled flexibility in system design and hassle-free installation. Whether implementing complex roof installations in centralised (P variant) or decentralised (D variant) system designs, the Fronius Tauro is a versatile solution.

  • Max. output: 50 kW
  • Fully integrated datalogging
  • 10 year warranty
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  • Designed For Outdoor Use

The Fronius Tauro is able to operate effectively in harsh conditions. Equipped with a double wall front cover and advanced cooling technology, it is capable of producing maximum yield even when placed in direct sunlight.

  • BOS Cost Savings

The AC Daisy Chaining option offers a notable advantage in terms of cost savings. This feature allows for significant reductions in BOS and installation costs of both roof-top and ground-mount systems by eliminating the need for AC combiner boxes and cabling. The AC Daisy Chaining option is an innovative solution that underscores the importance of optimizing system design for maximum cost efficiency.

  • Maximum Yield

The Fronius Tauro’s double wall and active cooling technologies are designed to deliver maximum yield while also providing protection against high temperatures. These features not only ensure the longevity of the inverter but also safeguard the associated components, contributing to an extended system lifetime. By maintaining optimal operating temperatures and mitigating the negative effects of overheating, the Fronius Tauro is able to produce high yields, even in harsh environmental conditions consistently. 

  • Integrated System Monitoring

The Fronius Tauro includes both hardware and software for integrated system monitoring as standard. This feature is a critical aspect of effective energy management, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of system performance. Furthermore, Fronius Tauro’s open interfaces provide an added layer of flexibility, as third-party components can be easily integrated with the inverter. By providing seamless integration with a wide range of monitoring and data analysis tools, the Fronius Tauro allows for greater customisation and optimisation of commercial solar energy systems.

  • Quick And Easy Servicing

With the advent of cutting-edge service technologies, the Fronius Tauro system can be maintained effortlessly by an expert directly at the installation site. This not only leads to a significant reduction in time needed for maintenance but also considerably decreases associated labor costs.


Input Data

Number of MPP trackers 1
Max. input current (Idc max_inverter) 87,5 A
DC input voltage range (Udc min – Udc max) 580 – 1000 V
Feed-in start voltage (Udc start) 650 V
MPP voltage range (Umpp min – Umpp max) 580 – 930 V
Max. PV generator power (Pdc max)  75 kWpeak
Max. input current PV1 (Idc max, PV1) 75 A
Max. input current PV2 (Idc max, PV2) 75 A
Max. short-circuit current PV1 (Isc max, PV1)* 125 A
Max. short-circuit current PV2 (Isc max, PV2)* 125 A
Max. power PV system PV1 (Pdc max,PV1) 60 kWpeak
Max. power PV system PV2 (Pdc max, PV2) 60 kWpeak
Max. AC fuse size rating 355 A
Max. short-circuit current inverter (Isc max, inverter) – 20 A Option 178 A
Number of DC connections PV1 – 20 A Option 1
Number of DC connections PV2 – 20 A Option 1

Output Data

AC nominal output (Pac,r) 50 kW
Max. output power (Pac max) 50 kVA
AC output current (Iac nom) 75,8A at 220Vac , 72,5A at 230Vac
Grid connection (Uac,r) 3~ NPE 380/220 , 3~ NPE 400/230 V
AC voltage range (Umin – Umax) 180 – 270 V
Frequency (fr) 50 / 60 Hz
Frequency range (fmin – fmax) 45 – 65 Hz
Total harmonic distortion <3,0%
Power factor (cos φac,r) 1 ind,/cap,
Max. DC fuse size rating 20 A

General Data

Width 1109 mm
Height 755 mm
Depth 346 mm
Weight 74 kg
Weight incl. packaging 93kg
Degree of protection IP 65
Protection class 1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC) 1) 2 / 3
Night-time consumption 15 W
Installation Indoor and outdoor 4)
Ambient temperature range ‘-40°C – +65°C (optional AC-disconnect: from – 30 to + 65 °C)
Permitted humidity 0-100 %
Max. altitude 2) 4000 m
Certificates and compliance with standards VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE-AR-N 4110, IEC 62109-1/-2, IEC 62116, IEC 61727 R25, AS/NZS 4777, CEI 0-16, CEI 0-21, EN 50549-1/-2, VDE 0126-1-1 8)
Inverter topology Transformerless
Cooling Active Cooling Technologie and Double-Wall System
Interference emission class B


Max. efficiency (PV – grid) 98,5 %
European efficiency (ηEU) 98,2 / 97,7 / 97,3 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 5% Pac,r 3) 95,38 / 90,94 / 89,10 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 10% Pac,r 3) 97,31 / 95,45 / 93,68 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 20% Pac,r 3) 98,18 / 97,41 / 96,83 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 25% Pac,r 3) 98,35 / 97,76 / 97,33 (580Vdc/ 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 30% Pac,r 3) 98,40 / 97,92 / 97,60 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 50% Pac,r 3) 98,51 / 98,22 / 97,99 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 9300Vdc)
η at 75% Pac,r 3) 98,40 / 98,23 / 98,05 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
η at 100% Pac,r 3) 98,25 / 98,11 / 98,01 (580Vdc / 800Vdc / 930Vdc)
MPP adaptation efficiency 99,9

Protection Devices

DC insulation measurement Included
Overload behaviour Operating point shift. Power limitation 5)
DC disconnector Included
DC Reverse polarity protection Included
Integral RCMU Included
Overvoltage protection devices Type 1 + 2 integrated, Type 2 optional 6)


6x digital in/out + 6x digital in Programmable interface for ripple control receiver, energy management, load control (Inputs: Voltage level low: min. 0V – max. 1.8V; high: min. 4,5V – max. 28,8V / Input resistance: 70kOhm

Outputs: 5 Watt @ 12V in total for all six digital outputs when supplied internally in case of no load on the USB Port.

1A @ >12,5V to 24V per digital output when supplied externally by an external power supply but in total max. 3A)

Emergency stop (WSD) Yes
Datalogger and web server Included 7)
WLAN Fronius Solar.web, Modus TCP Sunspec, Fronius Solar API (JSON)
2x RS485 Modbus RTU Sunspec
Ethernet LAN RJ45 Ethernet LAN RJ4510/100Mbit; max. 100m Fronius Solar.web, Modbus TCP Sunspec, Fronius Solar API (JSON) 7)

AC Connection Technology

Cable cross section 35 – 240 mm²
Conductor material Al; Cu
Connection terminals Cable lug or V clamps
Single core option (single core cable) Cable gland: 5 x M40 (10 – 28 mm)
Multi core option (multi core cable) Cable gland: 1 x multi core connection Ø 16 – 61.4 mm + 1 x M32 (10 – 25 mm)
AC Daisy Chaining option (single core cable) Cable gland: 10 x M32 (10 – 25 mm)

DC Connection Technology

Cable cross section 25 – 95 mm²
Conductor material Al; Cu
Connection terminals Cable lug or V clamps, Cable gland: 6 x M40



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Tauro Commercial Inverter – TAURO ECO 50-3-P