Energy, air and power solutions company Probe has been keeping pace with the shift to renewable energy technologies, expanding its automotive, mining and industrial segment focus to include alternative energy solutions, material handling and recycling. As an importer and distributor of batteries for over 60 years, Probe has a specialist team that remains on the cusp of leading battery storage technologies.

The Probenergy division was formed in 2018 to focus specifically on alternative energy solutions from world-class suppliers, and now offers a Probenergy range as well as other Tier One products. Probe acquired Sinetech, Greenfox Agencies and Orizen International in 2021, further expanding the groups alternative energy and materials handling portfolio.

While grid-tied solar systems can provide substantial energy cost savings while the sun shines, they don’t protect businesses and homes from the disruptive pain of loadshedding. The real gamechanger is incorporating new affordable, efficient energy storage systems that enable hybrid solar solutions. Probenergy has a vision to deliver energy solutions with uncompromising service, quality and end-of-life value to maximise the return on investment for different market segments, from domestic to commercial users.

What are the different industries and applications you cater for?

Probenergy offers high quality, cost-effective power solutions for a wide range of applications, including solar, back-up solutions, UPS, industrial, marine and telecommunications, just to mention a few market segments. From domestic use to retail, mining, education, telecoms, technology and agriculture, through to the utility market and Independent Power Producers, our solutions are specialised and scaleable. From gate motors to golfcarts, smart cities to datacentres, we’ve got you covered with the right product.

What are the new evolving technologies and products you have recently added to the Probenergy stable, from domestic to business to utility users?

Probenergy solutions include lithium batteries, hybrid inverter systems, new graphene supercapacitors, inverters, solar kits and Tier 1 solar panels. The range further includes next generation battery chargers and boosters. Building on Probe’s own Probenergy ranges, a number of new leading brands in the alternative energy space have been added to the stable.

Probe now represents solar and battery technology leaders Huawei, Victron Energy, Fronius, TBB, Monbat, Trina Solar, Solahart, Must, Voltronic Power, Schneider Electric, Maxli, Okaya and Tudor. Solutions for electric vehicles and material handling vehicles are included, with Sirius EV charging stations and batteries joining the portfolio. An energy consulting service has been added.
Our range of supercapacitors and graphene supercapacitors from MINT and ENCAP extend our offer from domestic right through to grid scale containerised energy storage solutions.

What are some of the services Probe offers to business and domestic users?

We conduct energy audits and site assessments to identify needs. We use Energy Data Loggers which are easy to install and monitor usage over a week or longer, enabling us to have a good assessment of how much power is used and needed. We can then design and simulate systems, taking it right through to installation, implementation and commissioning. Monitoring and maintenance is vital and we pride ourselves on expert after-sales service.

Please detail the Solar PV modules you have available?

Probenergy distributes Trina Solar, Longi Solar and RenewSys PV modules. Trina Solar was rated the number one PV manufacturer in the world, with 79 patents and 17 world records. We offer from 330w to 660w solar panels as well as the Trina Tracker System.

Probe is known for a whole range of battery technologies. When it comes to cost-effective back-up power for home and small business use, what is your stand-out battery solution?

The Generation 2 MaxLi Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFeP04) range is compact and stackable. They are ideal for small home usage through to offices and small businesses.

Supercapacitors are big news for business. What are the new developments there?

Supercapacitor-based energy storage is a breakthrough technology that solves current challenges of intermittency caused by renewable sources connected to the grid. More advanced than existing lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitor storage can be scaled up to fit various applications, from cell towers and electric vehicles to mini-grids and on-grid.

Supercapacitors combine the energy storage properties of batteries with the power discharge characteristics of capacitors. While supercapacitors are able to deliver and absorb a high current, they remain extremely temperature tolerant and maintain a long life cycle. Supercapacitor-based energy storage systems are light-weight, efficient, low-maintenance, work in a wide range of temperatures and can charge and discharge under a few minutes.

New graphene supercapacitors are the most efficient, fastest charging, longest lasting, scaleable battery investment for commercial solar on the market. Graphene supercapacitors offer greater than 20,000 cycles, 4 cycles a day, for 10 years and beyond, up to a 43,000 cycles, with a maximum degradation loss of 10% during their life span and no loss of efficiency, which remains at around 90%. Graphene Supercapacitors can also be charged and discharged at rates 3 to 5 times faster than lithium batteries. There is minimal heat generation and they don’t require cooling.

Probe has further partnered with Kilowatt-Labs and Infusion Solar, to exclusively bring the new Encap Supercapacitor and other Infusion ranges to the market, including the Ensega that replaces the Vega range as well as WRL energy servers and UPS systems. The Ensega is a highly cost effective supercapacitor-based energy storage device. It’s a plug-and-play replacement for conventional 12v monoblock lead-acid batteries for gate motors, alarms and smaller UPS applications.

Solar solutions can require a large capital outlay. What financing solutions does Probe have available?

Probe has partnered with Merchant West and other funders to offer Rent-to-Own/ Lease solutions, helping clients invest in their power. The right financial solution turns CAPEX into manageable OPEX over time, making the most efficient, scaleable technologies for different businesses more accessible.

What would your advice be to domestic or business users wanting to install solar?

It is critical that businesses turn to reputable providers as a first step. You need a provider who can solve the challenges of commercial solar by offering not just the best battery technologies and competitively priced Tier one products with a scaleable, modular approach, but also detailed energy assessments, excellent ongoing maintenance and service, and rent-to-own financing options. At Probe, we are battery experts, and we’re committed to taking the best power solutions across Africa. Probe should be the first port of call for both individuals and companies needing to optimise their energy efficiency.

Call Probenergy on +27 86 111 3507 for an energy assessment and let us help you invest in your power.