The energy evolution powers expansion for Probe

Southern African energy, air and power solutions company Probe has been keeping pace with the shift to renewable energy technologies, expanding its automotive, mining and industrial segment focus in recent years to include alternative energy, material handling and recycling. Probe made three major acquisitions in 2021, positioning the company to become a significant player in each of these segments.

Probe merged with Sinetech, a specialist in the Alternative Energy segment for over 25 years, with strong installation capabilities and expertise. The company further acquired equity in Greenfox Agencies, specialists in energy storage, and in Orizen International – a company focused on EV Forklifts, material handling and charging systems, revolutionising the industry with new supercapacitor technologies.

“It’s vital that we keep pace with new technologies, ensuring we have the necessary focus and expertise to provide relevant products in such a dynamic environment,” says Group CEO Frank Rovelli. “Each of these partner companies brings a suite of products and capabilities to the Probe stable that will enhance our comprehensive offering to clients, enabling us to consistently bring fresh solutions to the market.”

Probe power solutions serve a wide range of applications, now further extended through partnerships with Sinetech and Green Fox Agencies. Building on Probe’s own Probenergy ranges, a number of new leading brands in the alternative energy space have been added to the stable, enabling both business and domestic users to revolutionise their energy sources.

Solutions include lithium batteries, All-in-One Fox Ess systems, Infusion Solar/KiloWatt Labs supercapacitors, inverters, solar kits and Tier 1 Trina PV panels. Probe further represents solar and battery technology leaders Huawei, Victron Energy, Fronius, TBB, Monbat, Must, Voltronic Power, Schneider Electric, Maxli, Okaya and Tudor. A range of supercapacitors expand Probe’s offer for Containerised Storage Solutions. And of course electric vehicles have not been excluded, with Sirius EV charging stations and batteries joining the portfolio. An energy consulting service has been added through Jacara.

Rovelli says Probenergy aims to deliver energy storage solutions with uncompromising service, quality and end- of-life value to achieve an optimal return on investment for the various segments of the market.

“Together with our partners, Probe is able to deliver exceptional energy solutions through the value chain, from harnessing solar energy with Tier 1 panels, to effectively converting it with inverters, to maximising energy storage and optimising round trip efficiency with the best super capacitor, battery and server technology,” says Rovelli. “With the depth of knowledge and range of products we can now offer, Probe should be the first port of call for both individuals and companies needing to optimise their energy efficiency.” 

Probe operates out of 13 locations in 7 countries in the SADC regions – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Mauritius.   “We believe the current commercial environment in Southern Africa is about partnership. With our new acquisitions and alliances, Probe is ideally positioned to make its mark in the energy and material handling space across these regions in the next decade,” says Rovelli.