Probe, South Africa’s largest importer of premium, maintenance-free, fit and forget batteries and comprehensive auto-electrical products, has the ideal lighting requirements for all your off-road needs. Whether you’re out camping, seeking adventure on night-time drives, or getting in some choice moonlit fishing, Probe’s lighting has you covered.  

Probe distributes lighting systems by Vision X, a globally leading brand that offers consumers a diverse range of lighting for boats, off road and all-terrain vehicles, and 4×4 drives.   Probe CEO, Frank Rovelli, says that Vision X has a 20-year track record of innovation in lighting product design that has enabled a flexible product with simplified installation and reduced external components.   

While it’s good to know that a product is backed up by sophisticated technology, Rovelli says that outdoorsy South Africans are more concerned with the demonstrable performance of the light.  “What people are looking for is a light that can withstand robust conditions, is long-lasting and will meet their lifestyle and budget.

Vision X has an incredibly comprehensive product line, offering a wide range of bulb types and light patterns to meet every off-road or camping requirement.  And not only do they enable great visibility for off road exploration at night and in poor weather conditions, but beyond their function, people also like the way in which they can transform the appearance of the vehicle, giving it that a great ‘safari’ look and feel.”

Rovelli explains that LED lights are leading the market as the bulb of choice.  They are popular because of their energy saving capabilities, using just one tenth of the amount of energy used by halogen bulbs.  They are also durable and last longer than any other bulb.  LED lights can also be stylish in that they come in different colours and shapes.  Rovelli says, “The Vision X LED Light Cannon Series is the ultimate light for off-road use.  They are unmatched by any other fixture on the market, with some of the options providing a distance of almost one kilometer of usable light.”

In fact, says Rovelli, due to the Cannon series product flexibility, they are regarded as 25 lights in one, due to accessories such as the polycarbonate snap-on colour cover that can that can alter the beam pattern and change the colour.  They are usable under any weather condition due to the proper color cover, and can be quickly changed from a spot cover to a flood cover for a wider beam when necessary.”

The Vision X Cannon series can be sold as a single fixture, or as a complete Light Kit consisting of two lights and a dual wiring harness with lighted rocker switch.  Probe carries the 12.7cm (25w) to 17cm (50w) light kit and 17cm Cannon covers that come in blue, red, amber and blackout.

Rovelli says that another Vision X light that is popular with off road consumers is the Xtreme light bar series designed for hazardous driving conditions.   “They are the brightest bar on the market and an innovative Prime Drive technology controls vital functions such as temperature control and dimming at different intervals to lower the bar’s overall temperature and maximize the lifespan.”

Probe is well known for providing a comprehensive ‘power package’ due to a comprehensive range of auto-electrical products that serve every aspect of a vehicle’s electrical operational requirements. Rovelli believes that the Vision X lighting is the perfect value-add product for South African consumers.  You could say that Vision X adds illumination to Probe’s complete power package.

Probe’s VisionX lighting solutions are directly available from LA Sport 4WD Megastores nationwide.