A shortage of skilled individuals can lead to a slow-down in the economy, making training and education essential to becoming competitive in the global market.

As one of South Africa’s largest distributors of maintenance-free batteries and automotive electrical components, Probe has an ongoing commitment to people development and to excellence in all our business operations. Our involvement in training puts into practice our ongoing dedication to supporting the long-term survival of the automotive industry.

In addition to supplying batteries and components, Probe also offers comprehensive workshop facilities for electrical repairs, maintenance programmes, technical support and training.  As such, our business relies heavily on the skills of qualified people and an investment in artisan training to support our technical and manufacturing departments.

Probe’s entry level and junior employees also receive training according to their job function needs. We offer learnership programmes – a qualification obtained as a result of structured theoretical learning and workplace experience – to equip our employees with the right skills for the job.

There are a number of benefits for learners taking part in a learnership programme.  It allows them access to education and a formal qualification, should they successfully complete the programme.  For those unemployed learners, the qualification can assist in serving as an entrance into the automotive industry.  Additionally, learners are able to gain assistance in terms of self-development and developing a career path for themselves. 

Probe views learnerships as a win-win.  They make it possible for us to acquire knowledgeable employees who may require less supervision and ultimately contribute to improved workplace productivity and quality outcomes.  Learnerships also enable skills gaps in the workforce to be filled with this type of blended training.

In terms of the greater industry, learnerships benefit the industry and the economy overall, by building a skilled, qualified and professional workforce.

At Probe, we have a strong belief that you can never stop learning.  With this in mind, we aim to give our employees the skills they need to become the best automotive experts out there.