Choose Probe batteries

At some point we will all have to make a decision to replace our battery. Probe offers a premium range of batteries through Probe branches and resellers nationwide. 

Here’s why I choose Probe batteries.
A full range means there is a Probe battery for any vehicle, application and budget, whether its light duty, heavy duty, on-highway, off-highway, marine or solar. Go to the handy Probe battery finder and you’ll get what you need. 

Probe batteries are truly sealed and maintenance-free, which means you never have the hassle of having to top them up with electrolyte. You can just fit them, and forget them. 

In tough African conditions, heat and road vibrations place additional demands on our battery. Probe batteries have the solid design and robust construction that can meet and exceed these demands. 

Extruded plates, thicker casings, double chambers and centre lug/plate connectivity – it’s all there. Designed to meet the OEM specs for your vehicle, a Probe battery delivers the Cold Cranking Amps and Reserve Capacity you need. 

This means real peace of mind if you fit additional accessories like tracking systems or fridges, as the right Probe battery will handle the extra load. 

This Magic Eye is the battery equivalent of a fuel gauge – showing you your state of charge at a glance. Green – fully charged, White– recharge and Red – overcharged. 

Finally – you can count on competitive pricing, solid warranties, sound technical support and consistent service. Probe always focuses on the complete power package – your battery, starter and alternator. They stock a complete range of starters and alternators for any vehicle. These guys know vehicles, and deliver nothing less than the best. 

Stay on the road with Probe.

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