At Probe, we have a distinctive corporate culture that encourages developing our employees and the local community. We have clear ideas for our customers and suppliers that result in close, long-term relationships.

We see training as an investment in our business and our people, because an ‘upskilled’ workforce is more productive and motivated to enhance their performance in the workplace.

Part of our training focus is on developing our core competencies in automotive and industrial technologies.

In February this year, learners sponsored by Probe had a 100% pass rate. The group included 8 employees and 2 unemployed, disabled learners who would not have had entry into the workplace without funding from Probe.

In addition to this, an employee in the workplace, Renato Meintjies (pictured left) was also promoted from a warehouse clerk to Warehouse Manager, on the successful completion of a Wholesale and Retail Operations Learnership Programme. Renato is currently enrolled in a new Learnership programme at a higher level.

Probe internship programme also reaped great rewards with our accounting intern, Annah Raphahlelo, being promoted into a full-time position in the company in the debtor’s department. Annah started as an entry-level intern over a year ago. Through workplace mentorship, Annah was able to grow her accounting skills from the basics to become a competent debtor’s clerk in the finance department.

Probe’s approach is to continue developing our employees through coaching and mentoring as well as through career development paths.  This is for each and every employee who aspires to upskill themselves and experience personal growth and development.