EFB Batteries for stop-start technology

Idling in gridlocked traffic is a huge waste of petrol, and money. I am fortunate to get to test drive many of the latest vehicles being released in the market. Very soon, almost all new cars will have environmentally-friendly stop-start technology. This brings down fuel consumption and harmful emissions by automatically stopping and starting the engine – reducing the time engines spend idling.
 Fuel savings from stop-start technology can be as high as 12 percent; the longer you sit, the more you gain. 

An enormous amount of power is needed to ignite the engine.
So, if you keep doing this over short bursts and in low-speed drives such as when you’re sitting in a traffic jam, you need a heavy-duty performer. 

With the introduction of stop-start technology and advanced Engine Management Systems, Probe has launched Automotive AGM and Enhanced Flooded Batteries – or EFB batteries – that are designed to meet these demands.
Probe EFB batteries are an evolution of the lead-acid battery to deal with the extra power and thermal requirements in a stop-start environment. 

This baby has an improved charge acceptance and is able to deliver a far greater number of cycles when operating in a reduced state of charge.
 The EFB battery can provide about 85,000 engine starts compared to the standard 30,000 starts you’ll get from a lead-acid battery.

 Using a standard battery instead of an EFB in a stop-start system can cause battery failure within 2 to 4 months, so make the right choice when you have to replace your battery. With Probe – you’re going to get high cycling performance, improved charge acceptance and a long service life.
And of course, Probe’s promise of true fit-and-forget, maintenance free batteries.

Keep watching and stay on the road with Probe.

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