The Avanty powerhouse from Probe

If you’re an adventurer like me, doing DIY in your shed – there’s a compact powerhouse from Probe you’ve got to have. 
The Avanty is a multifunctional portable energy system with a handy on-board air compressor. Weighing in at just 11 kilos, the Avanty is small, robust and lightweight so it’s easy to pack and move around.
It’s capable of supplying 12 V, 5 V for your USB and 230 V electricity at the flip of a switch thanks to its integrated 300 W converter. 

The power source here can charge your navigator, light up your campsite, pump your music, power your laptop and is a handy source of back-up power.
A dead battery out in the middle of nowhere can be a real hack.
The Avanty has 400Amp start-up power – take out these crocodile clips and you can jump-start anything with a 12V battery.
Henri and the Probe team put it to the test and it jump-started 8 vehicles without running out of power. It can deliver up to 30 jumpstarts.
And for emergencies, the Avanty comes with this built-in 7 LED emergency light . And how about a flat tyre?
The built-in 10bar air compressor is perfect for inflating tyres, balls, air mattresses or even rubber dinghies. The inflating tube has a universal adaptor and accessories.
You can recharge it at home or even on the go in your car with this 12V/DC adapter.
Definitely a worthwhile multipurpose investment for emergencies.
Check out our YouTube channel and stay on the road with Probe.

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