Maximising solar efficiency and durability with Trina Solar Panels

As businesses and homeowners grapple with energy security, there has been a rapid shift to solar power. Less reliance on the power grid can lead to considerable cost savings, and shield users against the unpredictable rise in electricity costs and load shedding. To maximise performance and lifespan, it makes sense to invest in quality solar products, including solar panels.

“The quality of a solar panel significantly impacts its efficiency, durability and the return on investment for the user,” explains Ray Fernandez of Probenergy. “High-quality solar panels convert sunlight into electricity more effectively, ensuring you get the most out of your solar system. They have longer lifespans, requiring less maintenance and providing a better return on investment over time. Choosing the right panels with advanced technology platforms ensures good integration with the rest of the system, and the ability to easily monitor status and performance.”

Solar panels need to be hardy to deal with the range of weather conditions. Weather and environmental factors such as rain, hail, lightning, and falling debris can damage the panels. In particular, hail, which is common in certain parts of South Africa, can cause significant physical damage.

Probenergy, a division of the Probe Group, supplies Trina Solar panels, an established name in the global solar industry. The company has been importing these panels for the last 5 years and they have been used in installations across Southern Africa. Trina Solar is one of the top five global panel manufacturers and has broken numerous solar PV world records in efficiency and power. The company offers a range of solar panels suitable for different needs and applications.

“We believe Trina Solar products stand out due to their efficiency, reliability, and superior performance warranties,” says Fernandez. “The TrinaPro solution improves the interaction and synchronisation between solar panels and smart trackers, boosting overall system efficiency. They have pioneered dual-glass solar panels which offer increased robustness and reliability, making them the perfect fit for rooftop installations.”

Unlike many traditional solar panel producers offering a 25-year warranty, Trina Solar provides an exceptional 30-year linear performance warranty. This extended warranty period reflects the company’s conviction in the durability and lifespan of their products, says Fernandez.

Probenergy is committed to bringing the benefits of solar energy to Southern Africa. “We believe in the potential of renewable energy, and we’re bringing quality solutions from around the world to address the urgent needs of our customers,” says Fernandez. “With Trina Solar Panels, users can expect superior performance, durability, and a significant return on investment. They are an excellent choice for anyone seeking to harness the power of the sun.”