Enerbond: The ideal energy storage solution for telecommunications

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, consistent energy is critical. When it comes to powering sensitive telecom equipment, effective energy storage plays a significant role. Batteries for telecommunications need to be reliable, long-lasting, and capable of operating under extreme conditions. Solid-state supercapacitor batteries with graphene technology stand out as an ideal choice for telecommunications applications, offering a powerful combination of value, longevity, and performance. 

Probenergy, a leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions, has introduced the Enerbond range of supercapacitors to the Southern African market and is currently implementing them in major projects. “Our clients need advanced solutions that leverage the latest tried and tested technologies, in a cost-effective package that can be effectively implemented and supported. The Enerbond solution, including the CAPRACK and CAPMEGA series designed for commercial applications, offers unique features and benefits that make it a strong option for the telecommunications sector.”

For example, telecommunication networks cover a wide range of geographical locations, from hot climates to places where temperatures go below freezing. The Enerbond battery can operate efficiently under such diverse conditions, says Fernandez. “Unlike lithium batteries, which struggle in low temperatures, the Enerbond maintains its performance even at -15 degrees Celsius, making it a reliable choice from Upington to Lesotho.”

The Enerbond’s specific design and technology make it less likely to be stolen, as it cannot be used for personal use, a common issue and concern with other types of batteries, Fernandez explains. “While batteries can be used by people and have scrap value, graphene based Supercaps have almost no scrap value and are 96% recyclable.”

One of the main advantages of the Enerbond battery is its cost-effectiveness. “When considering cycle life and capacity, the Enerbond is very cost-effective compared to lithium ion and other technologies. With a true cycle life of 10,000 cycles, the cost per cycle is significantly lower compared to other batteries with only 4,000 cycles. This means that you get excellent value for your investment,” explains Fernandez.

Designed for a lifespan of over 20 years, the Enerbond battery offers durability and longevity. “The Enerbond battery offers a high energy density, allowing for more storage in the same form factor compared to other batteries. This is particularly beneficial in telecommunications applications, where space can be a constraint.”

With a fast charge time of just 30 minutes, the Enerbond battery ensures minimal interruptions, which is crucial in telecommunications. Furthermore, unlike many other batteries, interruptions do not shorten its lifespan. “This seupercapacitor battery can handle much more punishment than a standard battery, making it an excellent choice for demanding telecom applications,” says Fernandez. “You can use as many as needed in parallel, which is not the case with chemical batteries. They use no heavy metals, meet environmental standards and cut pulse current noise.”

Fernandez added, “What sets the Enerbond CAPRACK and CAPMEGA series apart is their usability. These supercapacitor batteries are compatible with any form of communication, including IoT, which makes them extremely versatile. Furthermore, they offer 100% usage for what you’ve paid for, which is a significant advantage.”

Probenergy provides containerised solutions using the Enerbond supercapacitor batteries that can be rapidly deployed. “We design and deliver a container that can be connected to a company’s energy system or renewable energy sources, delivering a portable energy solution. This is especially useful for remote locations in telecoms applications.”

Fernandez believes they will play a crucial role in powering the future of telecommunications. “When considering factors like price, capacity, longevity, resistance to theft, fast charging, durability, performance under extreme temperatures, high energy density, and usability, the Enerbond battery is a trusted choice for telecommunications applications.”


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