Unveiling Enerbond: the next leap in energy storage

As industries across Southern Africa grapple with the urgent need for sustainable, reliable and cost-effective energy solutions, Probenergy, a division of Probe Corporation, has unveiled a new solution: the Enerbond supercapacitor battery. The decision to import the Enerbond supercapacitor battery underscores Probenergy’s commitment to leverage global advanced technologies to solve energy issues, says Probe CEO Frank Rovelli.

When it comes to large-scale hybrid solar and containerised solutions to provide consistent power, even during outages and loadshedding, the right energy storage solution is critical but can be challenging to find, says Rovelli. “Businesses need to harness new emerging battery technologies, but at the same time, must find tried and tested reliable solutions. Based on experience and extensive testing, Enerbond ticks the boxes and makes a number of energy solutions possible, including containerised solutions that can be deployed quickly and efficiently, providing immediate benefits.”

Enerbond is a supercapacitor battery system that merges the power of batteries and supercapacitor structures. This unique combination results in an ultra-long life, large power, and safe energy storage system. Designed to withstand extremes, its wide operation range can handle extreme low and high temperatures, high charge and discharge rates, low ESR, and high round-trip efficiency. With zero risk of thermal runaway and negligible capacity degradation, Enerbond promises an ultra-long lifespan that sets it apart from other energy storage systems. Whether it’s for residential solar ESS, backup power supply, grid peak-valley balance, wind energy storage systems, UPS, or electric power systems, the Enerbond product is versatile and adaptable.”

Importantly, Enerbond energy storage systems are integrated with smart Battery Management Systems (BMS), Battery Management Units (BMU), Battery Management Controllers (BMC), and Energy Management Systems (EMS) in a high-reliability design that delivers a cost-effective and worry-free clean power supply. “These systems collectively enhance the performance, safety, and lifespan of a battery and are critical components of an effective energy storage system,” says Rovelli. “This smart battery management system monitors and controls internal data, optimising energy usage, reducing wastage and improving efficiency. It also allows for better integration of renewable energy sources and reduces maintenance requirements.”

Enerbond cell, material and production R&D comes from centres in Japan, U.S. and Germany, with the supercapacitors largely produced under stringent manufacturing standards in China. Enerbond’s dherence to international safety standards and strict quality control processes ensures customers are getting a product they can trust, says Rovelli.

“We believe the Enerbond range sets new standards in the industry and we are already experiencing huge demand for the product. Excellent energy storage, coupled with advanced technology and intelligent design puts clean, reliable energy within everyone’s reach. We look forward to rolling this out to customers across Southern Africa.”

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