New Sinetech Energy alliance offers advanced solar and energy solutions

Leading energy solution companies Probe and Sinetech have forged a powerful alliance to offer a technically advanced product range enabling consumers and businesses alike to revolutionise their energy sources. Probe Corporation acquired 51% equity stake in Sinetech, effective from 1 October 2021. The new alliance will operate independently as Sinetech Energy.

Sinetech CEO Chris Rodgers says, “The solar space is seeing rapid innovation and the great synergies between Probe and Sinetech will create enormous value for our customers and dealer network as we unite to consistently offer a focused and complete range of solutions to cater for the different segments of the market. We are excited about the opportunities this alliance brings to add more value in a constantly evolving industry.”

Further to an expanded product suite, Sinetech Energy will benefit from the shared services of the Probe infrastructure, including Probe’s extensive national and SADC footprint, to facilitate product access and advisory services across a wide geography. The core staff of Sinetech will continue to offer the added value services that the company is known for and Sinetech will re-locate to Paulshof from 1 November 2021. “The consolidation of our operations will ensure we move beyond the COVID pandemic with a revitalised vision and focus,” says Rodgers.

“Sinetech has developed a good reputation and is well-respected in the industry. We look forward to developing Sinetech Energy together,” says Probe Group CEO Frank Rovelli. “Several years ago when saw the growing demand for renewable energy solutions, driven largely by the increasing energy challenges South Africans face, we expanded our Probe automotive battery offerings to include deep-cycle and lithium-ion batteries. This was followed by solutions in the inverter and solar module space and now includes what we believe is the next frontier in energy storage, the Supercapacitor. Sinetech Energy will bring these products to a broad range of customers.”

Probe Corporation CEO, Richard Rovelli, says “While we offer an on-the-ground footprint, Sinetech brings a strong consumer platform to the alliance through the impressive online Sinetech Store,” says “Our combined teams will enhance this aspect of the business with the addition of Probe consumer products including the Probe automotive battery range, gate motor and alarm batteries, inverter plug-and-play back-up systems, MaxLi battery chargers and booster packs.”

Sinetech Energy will retain current Sinetech products and brands, including TBB, Yuasa, Outback, Goodwe, Eterbright and Omnipower, as well as adding new options from Probe’s portfolio and other leading suppliers worldwide.  These now include:

  1. Jacara – energy simulation and monitoring program to determine the optimal solar solution with ROI and energy efficiency calculations. This takes out all the guess work from solar installations and provides the Customer with what they need.
  2. FoXess all-in-one system (inverter, MPPT controller, high voltage Lithium battery pack and all electrical switches and circuit breakers) which makes installations easy, quick and professional, with flexible scalability and seamless WIFI Connection capabilities.
  3. Trina PV Panels – top of the range, ultra-efficient panels, variable sizing and latest technologies with excellent pricing
  4. Batteries – Multiple technologies including Lead Acid, AGM VRLA, Nano-Carbon, Lithium-ion and Supercapacitors
  5. Omnitech – Energy audits, product and technical services training, system design and installation

Rodgers says the team is particularly excited to introduce dealers to the new FoxEss – a true all-in-one solution to the small commercial and residential market. “The huge reduction in installation time, together with the great form-factor and fantastic software functionality, will make FoxEss very appealing to our customers. Most importantly, for the first time, we will be able to offer this and other products on a rent-to-own basis for the residential market, putting solar and standby power within reach of many more people. With Probe’s extensive network and the simplicity of installation we look forward to offering the best solar solutions across South Africa.”