Probe launches revolutionary new solar solution – the FOX ESS

The benefits of going solar and being empowered by the sun are now within reach with the sleek new FOX ESS solar storage system, launched this week by energy leaders Probe in collaboration with Sinetech.

The FOX ESS – 6kW Hybrid Inverter is an all-in-one solar and storage solution that integrates a 6kW inverter, 10.4kWh high voltage Li-ion storage, solar charge controllers, battery charger, UPS, LAN Port, and Solar DB Board into a pre-wired complete system for easier and faster installation that requires less space. It works as a uninterrupted power supply (UPS) charged from the grid, or seamlessly with solar panels for a full solar energy solution.

“At Probe, we constantly search for best-of-breed technologies in the energy space. We’re excited to offer our customers a new, compact product that captures the benefits of evolving solar technologies and will be well suited to most household and small business needs,” says Probe Group CEO Frank Rovelli. “Depending on your location, 9kW of solar panels will give you up to 42kW hours per day. The compact all-aluminum floor mounted system is expertly designed to require limited space and is easy to install, inside or outside.”

Rovelli says a key benefit is that the system can be easily expanded by simply adding additional batteries. There are three battery size options, and four batteries can be installed in series, providing up to 11.6kWh of storage capacity.  The Phase-Aligned inverter offers 30% more power than most inverters. There is no inverter load limit during grid active periods, and excess solar power can be exported to the grid. A Wi-Fi Module is included for internet monitoring via smartphone with over-the-air updates.

All the components are engineered and integrated by one manufacturer to be South African Grid Certified (NRS97-0-2-1), and the system has a 5-Year Inverter Warranty  and 10-Year Battery Warranty.

Through your purchase, you’ll also be helping to clean the oceans, create jobs and power schools, explains Rovelli.  As an added commitment to saving scarce resources, Probe is pledging to donate a percentage of FOX ESS inverter sale proceeds to ocean clean-up initiative Izame Zabantu. Funds will also be used to purchase Eishbox 426 Portable Power Stations for schools in need through the PROBE PLEDGE. 

Probe has further donated two FOX ESS systems to be auctioned at launch events in the second week of November, the Motus Golf Day and the Billfish 15000 in Sodwana Bay. The auction proceeds will be used to purchase Eishbox 426 Portable Power Stations for local schools in need.

“We’re determined to find solutions that help us shift to renewable resources, and take care of the resources we have,” says Rovelli.  “We look forward to taking our customers on this journey with us and making a tangible difference to lives and the environment.”

Probe is offering a special R5,000 discount on the full price of the FOX ESS 6kW All-In-One Hybrid Inverter, brought to you in collaboration with Sinetech. Go to FOX ESS Promo to register for the discount before 24 December 2021.