Which plug-and-play inverter should I buy for back-up power?

While it can be challenging to calculate your energy needs, Probe’s handy energy needs calculator for Plug-and-Play inverters can help. Your Total Load (wattage) with an additional 10% for efficiency losses will give you the True Load. Multiply this by the hours required to give you an idea of the wattage you need to cover.

The calculation tool list includes a list of basic household appliances. The power ratings of certain appliances can vary from brand to brand, so we do advise you to view the power rating plates on the rear of the appliances, or in the appliance manual, for an hourly watts (W) rating. If you find that no watts (W) rating is available, there should be an amps (A) rating, which will need to be converted into watts. For example, if you have a fridge that displays 3.5A (230V) and you need to calculate the hourly watt usage, use this formula to calculate amps to watts: A x V = W, e.g. 3.5A (Amps) x 230v (Volts) = 805W (the fridge hourly consumption). Note that the KW (Kilowatts) to W (Watts) formula – 1KW = 1000W.

All hybrid and solar work that involves altering the DB board will require an authorised energy assessor to evaluate the site and log the data to provide an accurate quotes for the solution and a certificate of compliance on completion.

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Probenergy Energy Needs Calculator