February is the month of love, and our trusty wheels could also do with some tender loving care to make sure we have long, happy relationships. Here are some tips from battery experts Probe to keep things sweet.

  1. Check your battery
    The battery is the beating heart of your vehicle, and making sure you keep it in top shape will make sure your car never lets you down. Probe offers a range of easy to use Schumacher battery testers and boosters you can use yourself, or pop into one of our national branches or a Probe network dealer. Probe batteries also have a useful state-of-charge indicator (Magic Eye) which gives an indication of the power status of your battery. 
  2. Keep it clean
    It is surprisingly easy to clean a battery. When the engine is off, remove the clamps and clean away grease, dirt and oxidation. A dirty battery connection will weaken the charge. 
  3. Secure the battery
    While good vibrations can be great for your love life, if your battery is jiggling around, it can cause all kinds of trouble. A loose battery hitting other parts of your engine will negatively affect your battery’s life. Battery acid spilling all over your motor is also not ideal. We advise that you keep the battery tray clean and make sure the battery sits correctly. The best way to make sure that your battery is fitted correctly would be to take it to Probe Network Dealer. 
  4. Ditch high maintenance
    For a longer lasting relationship with your battery, it’s worth getting a sealed battery that does not require any maintenance. Look out for a high performance battery, such as the Probe Performance Plus XHD battery, which offers increased grid strength and internal plate supports making it vibration resistant, extremely durable and robust. Low admin, hot performance – what’s not to love? 
  5. Read your owner’s manual
    You may find amazing features you never knew your car had! It will also help you make the car last longer by learning how to take proper care of it. Now, if only partners came with a manual… 
  6. Make a date for a service
    To avoid cutting your relationship short, regular service dates are needed. Your mechanic will check to ensure that your car is running properly. During this time, it should be determined whether your vehicle needs any part replacements. Make sure you’re using quality, OEM-approved parts. 
  7. Change your lubrication
    It is important to regularly change your oil and oil filter. You can also switch to a heavier weight of oil during hotter weather. Changing the oil filter will keep oil deposits and dirt and out of the combustion chamber where they can cause damage. 
  8. Check those tyres
    Investing in new tyres when needed is important for safety and performance. Make sure your tyre pressure matches the manufacturers recommendations for your vehicle. Check the pressure when the tyres are cold. If the tyre pressure is too low, you’ll get lower mileage and your tyres will be damaged on their sides. If it’s too high, your mileage will be better, but the tyres may wear out faster in the centre. 
  9. Replace your windshield wipers
    Over time, the wipers wear down due to use and weather conditions. This can cause cracks, which damage the wiper’s ability to properly perform the job they are meant to do. Replacing old and worn out windshield wipers is one of the easiest and least expensive ways you can show your car love. 
  10. Scrub up well
    Treat your car to a professional interior and exterior car wash and you’ll have that new car smell again! www.probegroup.co.za 

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